Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Work, work, work

Today is getting started with a bang.  I got up early and did my writing and now have been in the studio for about two hours setting up my production of the dark with bright highlights type of polymer.  the piece showing is for 51 beads and takes up most of the long end of a 5' table in the studio.

I am trying a bit of a twist by adding verigated red and copper metal leaf before I start adding all the other debris, aka powders, clays, inks, etc.

This second photo is a closeup of all the stamping and texture I have already added.  I chose the dragonfly for several reasons.  First for many Original Peoples it is a sign of rebirth.  It symbolizes hope to me.  I love dragonflies and always have, even as a small child.  And last what says "hot" more than a dragon or the dragonflies flitting all over the place during the hottest months of summer?

Enjoy.  I will post the light color raku tomorrow.

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