Tuesday, February 7, 2012

B-B-B-B-BAD 6/365

You know you are loved and understood when your spouse does not give you diamonds, furs or chocolate for valentine's but instead lets you spend money on new toys (tools) for the studio.  I had wanted this mold for so long and had to use it as soon as it got here this morning.  A mix of metallic copper highlighted with Perfect Pearls is the main attraction.  A ball stylus and vertigris gilder's paste help the edge to look similar to hammered metal on this hollow lentil core.

On a more personal note....I usually do much better work.  The current problem is I did not realize how much interference frankenfoot would be.  It is very difficult to concentrate on the details when every step is painful or when I've given up and taken a pill for the discomfort.  But hang with me a while.  This won't last long and the workmanship will go way up.

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